Saturday, May 27, 2006

Blogging overwhelming?

Just like anything worthwhile, without passion blogging ain't worth it.

Find your passion, then start with the simplest path to get started.  Afterwards you can always improve.

What one subject do you have passion about?  What would get you to make black and white statements?  What do you feel so strong about that you get into arguments about?  If it were a political issue, what would make you want to be a politician?

Start with that.  Find that purpose.  You may think you can find thousands of blogs like that.  So what?  Leadership is not pushed on someone.  You take a stand and stand by it to become a leader.  Fear and Faith are both belief in something not seen, Faith is just belief in a happy ending instead of a sad one.  Like the difference between black and white, Fear and Faith as well as a good blog and a bad blog are worlds apart.  The difference is a passion.

Find your passion, then go to and start your first blog.  You can do it!

Eric Standlee
Prospered not to increase my Standard of Living,
but to increase my Standard of Giving
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