Sunday, May 21, 2006

New Windows version will force you to make a choice: Buy a bigger better computer, or reload with a better alternative

Google News reports on the new Windows OS

OS means the basic software that allows you to run your other software on your computer.

Microsoft's newest OS will not fit on your computer now more than likely. So, when they phase out support for older OSes, and your computer is riddled with trojans, worms, and viruses or you just cannot use the software you want on your older OS, then you will be forced to either buy a new computer or try an alternative.

I want you to know that you do have an alternative, and they are in the hundreds and they are all getting better and better by the month.

I am currently writing you from one such alternative.

When that time comes, don't give up on what you have and don't move hastily in either direction. Let's look at the options and move your important data into a safe place and then just fall back on the "try before you buy" option. Yes, you can test alot of the alternatives right now without even installing anything.

Maybe you'd want to try them now to get an idea of what you are missing so that when the inevitable comes, and it surely will, you will be ready.

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