Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Wanting to provide something unique to the podcasting universe, CrusaderX has decided to cover Japanese topics such as segments on:

o Japanese Tech

o Japanese News

o Japanese Entertainment (Movies, Anime, and Music)

o Japanese Sports

o Japanese Toys like Gandam, Transformers, etc..

o Japanese Society

o Japanese Humor

Look forward to individual segment podcasts as well as a combined Japanese New podcast all in English.

CrusaderX will start this podcast with one announcer and begin its search for at least one regular and many more guest speakers.

Look forward to our first segment by the end of this month. We'll be looking for your help moving our podcast up the charts on www.podcastalley.com.

Also, look for CrusaderX to publish a new Podcast Directory listing clean podcasts recommended by members as well as a Digg type site on Japanese News with member recommended posts showing on the front page.

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