Thursday, July 14, 2005

iTunes on Linux, a success story sort of

Today, I installed and ran iTunes on my Mandriva 2005 Limited Edition Linux install on my Toshiba laptop. "How?" you say? Well, I have a CrossOver Office install and I used the dreaded IE to go to the iTunes site and downloaded the windows iTunes software. I thought "what the heck! Just for grins!." The sorta part is that the CD burner stuff doesn't work, so iTunes complains and asks to be reinstalled every time I run it. But, since my Toshiba laptop is pre-CDR or CDRW technology it wouldn't have been able to load those drivers anyway, so this must be a bug in the Apple programming.
But, as you can see from the screen shot, that is my desktop. Don't be fooled by the MusicMatch icon, I still haven't gotten that to work or show me any errors so that I can debug it.
Thanks Codeweavers. I hear CW will also support OS X on intel whenever that happens. That should make a vast amount of software available to Linux users like me.
But, I'd like some good cheese with my Wine. Where is Marcel Gagne when you need him?

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