Monday, July 11, 2005

Try this simple Audio Blog / PodCasting solution

It is a quasi-answer to PodCasting with one touch. It is quasi because it isn't mp3 format.
If you are like me and you figured out how to create mp3s for podcasting, then you can rely on people who have mp3 players to be able to listen to your podcasts. Or, if you want audio or video for your web-site users without them having to download a special program, and you have the income to write off this expense then you should look at this solution.
Correction: Actually, it is MP3 format in addition to the flash format. Video will be flash format plus whatever format the source file is (this is all the choice of a user).

Thanks for the link!

Eric Rice
podcast + videoblog publishing

Here it is straight from their site: - Create&Publish Podcasts and Videoblogs:
* Record an MP3 through your browser.
* Podcast by phone.
* Upload an MP3 or WAV file.
* Compatible with most blog software and services.
* Add multiple weblogs.
* Customizable podcast players.
* Publish Podcast-only RSS feeds.
* Ping podcast directories.

Now with videoblogging!

* Record video with your webcam.
* Upload video files

Two options from the site are:

FREE 7-Day Trial Account Then $49.97 Per Year!
After a 7-day trial account, Save over 15% off our already insanely low price end enjoy an entire YEAR of Audioblog service for just $49.97. ** This makes a wonderful gift for friends of family members who blog on a regular basis **

FREE 7-Day Trial Account
FREE 7-Day FULL ACCESS Trial Account, then just $4.95 per month. Your credit card will not be charged until your trial period expires in 7 days.

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