Tuesday, July 26, 2005

jkOnTheRun: Gizmo- Skype alternative with integrated recording

"Gizmo handles the technical side of the calls in such a way that it is a simple matter of clicking a record button during a call to record both sides of the conversation. The recording is saved as a standard WAV file and preliminary testing shows pretty decent audio quality. Better than Skype anyway and without jumping through hoops using a separate program like Mixcast Live."

I so agree with this oppinion so far in just an initial test of the system. The record button definitely beats how you have to setup a separate recording system with skype.

I loved how simple it was to get a gizmo-in number. I am going to test it by using it as our home phone number. I have a usb phone plugged into this mac-mini so that it feels like a real phone, and I have gizmo running on boot. Now, I just have to get my accessline to ring there first before it tries my cell phones.

With this, I can definitely see hosting a podcast show with call in guests. Coming soon to your favorite crusaderx blog/podcast.

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