Friday, July 15, 2005 Rules for PodCast creation

As you can tell from my previous post testing the flash play for my CrusaderX Podcast, not only hosts my mp3 files, the build my podcast feed, and they have flash players too. As I posted before, it is as simple as 1) record with Audacity on Linux and export into MP3, 2) Upload to your playlist and post the new file to your podcast(s), and 3) serve it through a proxied feed.

All that is left to do is tell all your friends, family, and email lists to subscribe to your feed through iTunes and Viola you have a fledgling podcast building a listener base which when popular enough will attract syndication. (IANAL, but at least make sure you have your copyright notices correct!)

You read it hear on CrusaderX Blog. Use the links to subscribe, and email this to your friends so they too can be in the know and up-to-date on this and other CrusaderX News.

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