Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Wakasa-cho / Mikata Onsen Kirara no yu

I went to this public bath yesterday with our friends Keiichi and Mino. I came back refreshed and well relaxed.

For some reason, Onsen or Sento, hot springs or public baths, encourage vision casting whenever I go. Yesterday was no different. We sat and talked about the things we could do in Houston when we get back and about my wife's parents and about just about anything.

The baths are on the second floor of this old-style new building built this year by the Wakasa Town's people. It was 600 yen (about $6.50) to enter. We entered and like in just about any Japanese building we took our shoes off at the door and put them into a Getabako or shoe box. Then we took the key to our shoe box and gave it to the front desk with our 600 yen ticket we bought from a ticket vending machine and received a key to a clothes locker upstairs in the changing room.

The shower area was just in the door from the changing room, and as soon as we shampooed and soaped and washed off, then we got in the first bath. It was very hot, so I quickly tried others. Finaly we went outside and the bath temperature was just right.

If you are ever in the Wakasa Town area, I recommend this bath house. It was a pleasure to sit and relax and talk story with friends there.


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