Friday, June 17, 2005

PC Pro: News: French Linux builder acquires Lycoris
Mandriva has been my distro of choice since 1998 when I stumbled upon it. I have watched them struggle from total annonymity through club membership introduction when emphasis on corporate products dropped off the radar for while until now when Mandriva has garnered recognition for desktop linux prowess.

Now that Mandriva has a US VP of Sales, Walt Pennington, support is stronger than it ever has been.

Mandriva still makes more than 50% of their income from large scale professional services on CRM, ERP and VoIP projects.

Mandriva's partner program has been a large boom for its partners as late, of which we are one. Walt Pennington is doing his best to encourage open cooperation between partners and increased sales to small and medium sized clients.

Their service agreement is with partner which shoes much promise for corporate clients and partners as well. Ruffdogs' depth in linux expertise has come through for our company as well.

The future for Manriva appears very bright.

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