Monday, June 06, 2005

(Japan, Mihama, Fukui-Prefecture) Odd breaking news
At approximately 3:50 pm JST, two cargo aircraft appearing to be military use flew directly over Mihama village in Fukui Prefecture, Japan. According to locals, there is a small airfield north of Fukui City called Komatsu which could have been the origin of these aircraft. The two large four engine propeller aircraft flew two orbits over the area whose epoch appeared to be downtown Tsuruga City, Fukui Prefecture.

The lead aircraft was olive drab and appeared to have JASDF markings. The second aircraft flew inline behind the first and appeared to be older than the first. This second aircraft was sky blue and appeared to lack any significant markings.

They were first noticed after it appears that they had come South along the coast and banked hard inland for the return leg of their initial orbit. They were last seen on a slightly more easterly heading on the South side of Tsuruga City around the same place as their initial return leg.

After these aircraft disappeared over the horizon of the Sata mountains, a white four engine jet aircraft appeared to come from the same origin as these two aircraft at a high rate of climb and speed heading NNW in what appeared to be a heading to take it toward the Korean Penninsula.

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