Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Personal Note:

Last Friday we drove down to Osaka from Tsuruga in Fukui Prefecture. It has been a year since I drove the route I took. I took the Hokkuriku Tollway to Yokaichi and exited, then essentially took 307 through Ninja territory and through the "Green Bypass" tollway. BTW, gas was 108 yen a liter at the General gas station just down the hill on the South side of the Green Bypass whereas in Tsuruga it is still 125 yen per liter. Anyway, this takes us through Minakuchi and Konan and Koga to National Highway 25. At this point 25 is freeway and we take this through the mountains on either side of Ueno then down into Tenri where it turns into a tollway. It was almost exactly 3 hours from Tsuruga to Tondabayashi.

In Tondabayashi, we stayed at our friends the Nishiguchi's house. On a side note, we had free time on Saturday and went to World Bokujou (World Ranch) and it was horrible. Saturday afternoon we ate lunch late at Keiko Yamanaka's house and then went to visit Wakayo's pastor's wife and youngest daughter. The daughter is now in college and really grown up. I have known her since she was 10 I believe.

We went to that pastor's church, Minami Osaka Evangelical Church (aka Christian Power Ministries, aka Revival Church International). Keven Tabuchi from Canada was preaching. I like him.

We ate dinner with Kevin and the pastor and his family and the youngest daughter's boyfriend!!! It was a good chinese restaurant in Tondabayashi.

Then we got in the car at around 7pm and drove back the 3 hours to Tsuruga so that the kids could get to school Monday morning.

Whew! What a busy weekend.

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