Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Re: [TeamAC] TGIM- Recommended Reading & Audio

Great questions Catherine,

Start as many blogs as you can handle on blogger.com which hosts on blogspot.com.  You can set them up so that you can email your posts to them.  It makes it more simple. 

And, once you have the blog created, always add an html/javascript element in the layout to your sidebar with a simple text ad like the one I have on http://crusaderx.blogspot.com at the top of my sidebar.

For every blog you create, once you have articles on it, take the address to feedburner.com and burn the feed.  The first time you do that, you need to create an account, then subsequent times you can add new blogs to the account burning them each time after you are logged in.  This way you don't have multiple accounts and it is much easier to manage. 

But, more important is that once they are burned, you should turn on pingshot and email subscription for each feed in the feedburner interface.

Linkedin is a training I gave just recently and you can get the notes here: http://crusaderx.blogspot.com/2007/10/10-steps-to.html

I recommend starting with LinkedIn and then gradually adding profiles on myspace, facebook, plaxo, pathconnect and the plethora of other such sites with tons of traffic.  Here is a list of some in order of size (priority): http://crusaderx.blogspot.com/2007/06/social-networking-sites-rated-by-users.html

But, first watch this video on Social Networking 101: http://crusaderx.blogspot.com/2007/10/social-networking-101.html

Thanks for the great question and I hope that this starts to answer your question.  As always, if you have some questions that you think might be beneficial to my podcast listeners, then let's schedule a time for a phone call and I will put that up on my show.


On 10/16/07, Catherine Johnston  wrote:
... I've been working through the blog calls in the RRC.  I know how quickly the net can change and the info is more than a year old
so just want to make sure these are still the best blog sites....blogger.com, blogspot.com, linkedin.com?  I hear alot about MySpace.  Understand that it is more networking but what do you recommend?
These all still good?  Appreciate your input....

Eric Standlee


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