Monday, October 29, 2007

FW: Greetings From Liberia

I had to share this letter about the impact of my friend's book Slay Your Giant.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Dear brother Tim Darnell,


I bring you heartfelt greetings and warmest Christian sentiments from the Body of Christ in Liberia.


I am Rev. David G. Snylder of the Charismatic Episcopal Church in Liberia and Founder of the Christian Alliance for Missions and Church Planting, an indigenous grass-root association of churches working together for the Lord's harvest in Liberia.


I have been relating with Brother Eric Standlee, a wonderful brother indeed. He has been encouraging me to take membership with AC which I agreed to do but have not been able to do so due to some constraints. I am praying about that and hope to register soon. I participated in the conference call and was amazed upon hearing the testimonies of many others on what the Lord is doing in their lives. He even sent me an electronic version of your book; "Slay Your Giant", a classical master piece indeed.


My wife and I read that book over and over and it was like a big log fell from our eyes! We are graciously blessed by your book and want to say thanks again.


I believe that you are an Apostle and Prophet of the Lord to the marketplace, helping to shape the mindsets of men and women who in tern will transform their generation, having maximum impact across the nations of the world. We want to thank the Lord for the insight given you to shape the destiny of nations.

We have been praying and want to invite you to come to our country, Liberia. We need the word the Lord has given you for the nations including Liberia. Every strata of our society needs this message of hope and restoration especially with what Liberians suffered over the years.


We shall be glad to hear from you very favorably and until then, may the Lord keep you safe in His arms.


His love is stronger than death.


Rev. Fr. David G.  Snylder

Dean, Charismatic Episcopal Church Liberia Inc.

P. O. Box 10-2899

1000 Monrovia, 10 Liberia

West Africa

Phone: +231-658-1665

Eric Standlee

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