Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Operation Welcome Homes -- Support Our Troops

Even if you don't have a vacation home, you can help by spreading the word on this powerful mission to help our troops.

After recently purchasing a vacation home in Door County, Wisconsin, Don and Barbara Rubin realized how much of the time homes like theirs remain vacant. They envisioned a plan where “dormant” space in condos, time-shares and even commercial lodging facilities could be donated to uplift the morale of returning soldiers and their families.

"It's a way for those of us who are more fortunate to repay them for their service to us all," says Rubin. "Now we are hoping to see this vision expand. We plan to begin in Door County, developing a model that can be implemented coast to coast."

Please, contact don@operationwelcomehomes.org or call Operation Welcome Homes at: 202.257.5165 to learn more about how you can join in this effort.

Eric Standlee

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