Thursday, June 07, 2007


Stop typing an internet address in the search bar.

Every month a billion new pages are created. Maybe that isn't the right number but it is just as unbelievably huge.

If that is the case, then why do you think you are going to find the site you are looking for using search?

If you have been told to go to then put that into the address bar and go there. You are wasting time putting it into the search bar.

Yet, 95% of all the people I know do just that. If they are told to go to then they put their cursor into the search bar or they go to their favorite search engine and search for . BIG mistake.

It is going to continue to get more and more impossible for search engines to find so don't search for it. You know it so just go there.

While we are talking about that something else bothers me.

Stop typing http://www. before every address. Your computer knows how to figure that out. So, just select all of the text in the address bar and then without doing anything else like pressing delete just go ahead and type the domain like into the address bar so it looks just like that without the http://www. Then just hit enter.


In Service,
Eric Standlee


Kurt and Angie Green said...

Wow, Eric! I now know one of your pet peeves:)

Eric Standlee said...

It is not so much a pet peeve as I am just using strong words to help people see how silly it will be and already is becoming to search for a website instead of just going to it.


Steven Walle said...

I completely aggree with you Eric. I was not aware, however, that you didn't need the http:// before a blog address. Now I know. Thank you Eric.
In His Grip
Steven Walle