Monday, June 04, 2007

Google keeps tweaking its search engine | CNET

You WANT to understand search engines and how they decide which sites get to the top of a search. This article is eye opening.
Google keeps tweaking its search engine | CNET "But at its core, Google remains a search engine. And its search pages, blue hyperlinks set against a bland, white background, have made it the most visited, most profitable and arguably the most powerful company on the Internet. Google is the homework helper, navigator and yellow pages for half a billion users, able to find the most improbable needles in the world's largest haystack of information in just the blink of an eye.

Yet however easy it is to wax poetic about the modern-day miracle of Google, the site is also among the world's biggest teases. Millions of times a day, users click away from Google, disappointed that they couldn't find the hotel, the recipe or the background of that hot guy. Google often finds what users want, but it doesn't always."

In Service,
Eric Standlee


Anonymous said...

I agree - powerful search engine and yet sometimes the simplest searches yield nothing. Rather surprising at times and makes you wonder that as great as it is how some searches slip through the gap.

Tim Darnell

Kurt and Angie Green said...

Absolutely fascinating! Im thankful to have you to help me learn about this stuff, Eric!