Thursday, May 31, 2007

Compare MPG

Use this spreadsheet to figure out if it makes sense to get a better MPG car and/or how much you'd save if you got better MPG using acetone and how much that could mean in your pockets.

Ask me to share it with you if you want to copy it and use it and I will send you the link.

Eric Standlee

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JR said...

Nice spreadsheet!
Looks like you are allowing anyone to view this spreadsheet (using the "Anyone can view" option on the share tab)... which is actually different than the "publish" url you posted (which is pure html)... so....
On the bottom of the Published page, there is a link that says "Edit this page - if you have permission" - which will take ANYONE to the spreadsheet editor in "VIEW ONLY" mode... from there, they can use the FILE/COPY SPREADSHEET to get a copy of yours into their own Google Docs & Spreadsheets account.

That just means they don't have to ping you to get access if you leave things the way they are...