Thursday, May 31, 2007

In case you still don't get the value of podcasting and/or linkedin

Here is an email I got today that so shows the value of both of these two massively viral tools.

Imagine, building a solid linkedin or other social networking network so that you can invite successful people to speak on your podcast as guests.  Yes, you can.  If you are connected to my massive networks then you are more than halfway there.
these are just a few places

So here's the challenge.  Think of a professional or successful person you have read about recently and work your network to get introduced to them so that you can interview them on a podcast.  If you can make the case and get the appointment, I would be glad to MC the call and host it on my podcast as well.  Now, how many are going to take me up on that challenge?

Eric Standlee

---------- Forwarded message ----------
If you remember an interview I did with Cameron Reilly from
the PodCast Network a few weeks ago,,
he set me a challenge - use LinkedIn to find the biggest Celebrity
Guest I could find to appear on the show.

This was a real test of the quality & depth of the LinkedIn network,
as well as the willingness of the LinkedIn community to help with
I'm pleased to report that none other than Vint Cerf, (co-inventor
of the Internet) was a Guest on today's G'Day World PodCast,
and view Vint Cerf's profile here:
A very special thanks to my LinkedIn connections,
Christian Mayaud and
who helped make this happen.
Stan Relihan

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