Monday, June 19, 2006

Nethrone - Nethrone

The Nethrone is the latest advancement in personal digital
entertainment environment engineered with comfort & style
in mind.
The end result is a sleek, relaxing & space efficient
gaming and work environment. If you are dealing with heavy
paperwork or Just checking mail, the Nethrone is probably
not for you.

The Nethrone is perfect for those who envision the optimum
station for serious work & intense play. Incorporation of the
Nethrone into virtually any setting position is simple with the
unit's five electric actuators. The unit nestles users in a multi-
positional cradle-like environment, complete with an adjustable
reclining vibrating seat, keyboard/joystick, dual mouse position
armrest, neck cushion and dual footrest position. Each unit is
equipped with an adjustable monitor lift and tilt support as well
as frame support for a VGA box, Apple's Mac mini and Sony`s
PS2, users can insert their units into a slot behind their LCD
monitor. A frame support compatible with Xbox 360 is coming
soon. The Nethrone's aluminum & chrome plated steel framing
was engineered to readily stand up to conventional daily use.

The Nethrone's "design for needs" is just what consumers
had in mind, working, playing, surfing or just watching movies
streamlined into a visually stimulating unit

I REALLY want this.

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