Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Google Labs

Unless you are a geek or recovering geek, you may not need these. But, why buy office or excel when you have google spreadsheets?
Google Labs: "New! Google Spreadsheets
Create, store and share spreadsheets on the web."

Why manually syncronize all of the options you have on your browser at work with your browser at home? Or if you are like a geek on the several different computers you use daily?
New! Google Extensions for Firefox (Google Browser Sync now available)
Add powerful new tools to your Mozilla Firefox browser

Google now does, and and and then what you cannot do on those you can find a tool to add to (personalize home page).

Companies are looking at these tools and seeing their office space requirements drop because they can finally allow their workers to office from home half days and flex schedule. Several of my clients are doing this or are seriously looking at it.

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