Monday, June 05, 2006

FeedAdvisor: Searching the Subscription Web

Gang, if you use to add email subscriptions to your blog's feed, then you are part of this search site. You can use this site to see what blogs people are subscribed to in order to receive blog updates via email. Try some of the popular blog subscription search terms.

Have a great week. I am in Colorado until next Monday.
FeedAdvisor: Searching the Subscription Web: "Turn blog search on its head.

Use FeedAdvisor to find new content based on what your peers are following. Search through subscriber preferences - The Subscription Web - instead of provider links, intelligently built from the FeedBlitz email update subscription database that powers thousands of blog-based email newsletters.

Popular Blog Subscription Search Terms

Try these for a jump start in finding feeds that might be interesting to you based on what other readers are reading.

* Astronomy
* Brand
* Christian
* Entrepreneur
* Humor
* Investing
* Marketing

* Money
* Podcast
* Politics
* Religion
* Search Engine
* Technology
* Web 2"

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