Friday, May 16, 2008

Squidoo: Check out Eric Standlee's lenses!

Check out my lenses on Squidoo!



Hi CrusaderX,

Your friend Eric Standlee is positively itching to show you something:

What's that? It's a list of all your friend's Squidoo lenses. Check it out and let them know what you think!

Wait a minute, what is Squidoo?

SKWID-OO, n. v., adj., addiction:

Squidoo is the world's most popular site for people who want to build a page about their passions. Highlight books, blogs, vids, online shops, or just spread the word about stuff you love. Bonus: you raise money (for you or charity) at the same time! It's fast, free, and supereasy. (Pssst: it only takes 4.2 minutes to get started...)

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