Saturday, May 24, 2008

Context is everything

Ever heard a pop song that you just know if you heard it in church people would like it, but in a group of head bangers it probably means something different?

So does that mean that truth is relative?

I want to ask you another question.  If truth is relative, then why aren't we all floating out into space?  Gravity, no matter how "weak" they call it, is a force that isn't relative.  Some would argue that if a large enough asteroid hit the Earth then gravity wouldn't behave the same so it is relative, but that isn't true either.  Gravity behaves the way gravity behaves and it makes sense even in the asteroid event.

Circumstances might be different, but truth is truth.

So is context really everything?  Sure humans can redefine everything, and we try.  But, in the end there are a small subset of "things" which aren't negotiable.

This is true from a social, emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual aspect.

Instead of being afraid of the absolute truth, it comforts me.  Fear is often called False Evidence Appearing Real, and I think fear is the root of alot of evil.

Such fear causes evolutionists to be close-minded to Creation Science ideas and thus go out of their way to "prove" them wrong, when they should be scientists who consider every option.

So is context really everything?  Sometimes, but we humans make it more times than is absolutely necessary.

Eric Standlee

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