Thursday, September 06, 2007

meet new people whenever you want for coffee

Okay, meeting strangers can sound dangerous and weird, but I have been doing it at Starbucks and Panera Breads for some time at will.

Don't you agree that your ministry, business, and life in general could be much better if you met at least one new person a day?  Didn't Tim teach on that?  Hasn't Mike Napoli been on an AMM call about that lately?

I may not be able to fit it in every day because schedules just don't work out that way, but let me tell you how I have met with a ton of new people.

It involves and I am sure that 50% just tuned out.  But, if you can learn some simple tricks on you can have 2800+ professionals connected to you too.  That would be fine with me because there is no way I would be connected to the exact same people and if we are connected that would grow my network too just like connecting with me adds nearly 3/4 of a million new people at least to your network.

What does this mean?  In LinkedIn, you can ask questions of your "network" that get answered.  So, I asked my 6 million person network if anyone in Houston wanted to sit down for coffee.

I got responses out the wazoo!

You ought to try it.

Talk about a good way to practice what Tim talked about on the AMM: complement schnazzy dressers and dress well yourself.  Then you can add what Tim and Mike talked about on the last AMM: be the greatest conversationalist by asking about family, occupation, recreation, and money without an agenda.

Blessed to be a blessing,

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