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Fwd: Austin, Houston "Big Al" Workshops + great prospecting tip ...

I am going to this, you want to come?


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Tom "Big Al" Schreiter here.

Two quick announcements ....

1. When people register to start their own business, most
   times the records are public. You can go to the local
   government building and get the details of anyone
   starting their own business.

   These are great prospects. They are entrepreneurs.

   But don't contact them immediately. Only contact those
   people who registered their business about a year ago.

   Why? Because the first few months they are enthusiastic
   about their business. But that enthusiasm wears off when
   they see how much overhead, government forms, and
   problems traditional businesses have.

   So when you contact them a year after they started,
   they are more open to network marketing and the ease
   of our business.

2. I'll be teaching training workshops on how to
   sponsor more people quickly in Houston and Austin,
   TX  on Wednesday and Thursday, September 26 and 27.
   If you attended previously, you will enjoy the new
   skills this time :)

   Please tell your downline and networking friends to
   take advantage of these workshops. They are a great way
   to learn new skills, new things to say, and to find out
   the best places to find new, hot prospects who want to

   You can register online and get more information at:


   Here are the locations:

      * Houston, TX
            September 26 (Wednesday), 7pm to 10pm
            Holiday Inn Select Greenway
            2712 Southwest Freeway
            Houston, TX 77098

      * Austin, TX
            September 27 (Thursday), 7pm to 10pm
              Keller Williams Training Center
              9430 Research Blvd. (Echelon IV, 1st Floor)
              Austin TX 78759

   For more information and to register, just go to:


   Have a great day and I hope to see you at one of
   the workshops.


   Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

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