Saturday, September 28, 2013

Million dollar coaching moment

I was on the phone with my very successful business friend Tommy.

He patiently listened as I griped about this and that.

Then he said the most amazing thing:

You are a strong leader and I know you will pass this test.

Tommy! THANKS!

He's right. Whatever challenge you are facing, it is just that: a test.

My challenge is with several people who should be on my side and have my back and want the best for me but their actions loudly declare that isn't true.

This too is a test.

I know I will pass this test too.

Whatever test you are facing, remember many have faced the same test. I know you will pass the test.

The only way to fail is to quit.

Clearly define the test. Define the questions. Define the potential answers. THEN, BELIEVE you will pass the test.

Life is just that, a series of tests that we are challenged to pass.

So, NOW clearly define what it looks like when you pass the test.

For me, that means that despite the lack of support and despite the apparent purposeful undermining of my success by some of my support team, I WILL WALK ACROSS THAT STAGE. I WILL PASS THE TEST. I am not doing this for them. I am doing this for my family. I am doing this for my future. I am doing this for me.

When I see these people, I can chose to get upset, or I can chose to ignore them and not give them any power over me. I haven't done that well in the last year at this test.  BUT, I will excel from here on out. I will pass this test. I will overcome. For my family, my future, for me.

You too can borrow from my story. I believe in you. You can, you will pass this test. I see a time where you already have passed this test.

Now, it is all uphill from here. Here's where you begin to succeed.  Here's where life begins to be more fun. Here's the point where you are no longer in a cloud of funk because of this challenge.