Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Eric Standlee September 25, 2013 at 01:02PM

Dear Katilyn, I just wanted to share something with you that was on my heart. And it's about resting in God. When I started my journey I thought that it was primarily about reaching a goal. Which made sense. That's why you go to try. However, as I went through the testing I realized that it was much bigger than that. It was about stretching me in a way that I hadn't been stretched before. It brought me at times to a point of breaking. And in the end, it often wasn't about the subject being studied but what I was studying in God's classroom. The tests were tools that God was using to show me that I needed to be more like Him, that I needed to rest in Him. As you get to the close of the test it's easy to rely on yourself and to be frustrated by your own inadequacies. But this is a time where you can learn to rely on God, learn to rest in His presence and rest in His goodness. I just wanted to share that with you! L. B.