Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fwd: Will They EVER Keep THEIR Promises?

I want to thank my friend for sending this, but I have to correct her.  I wasn't just a promise.  It was an OATH.

If they cannot keep their oaths then they should be forced out for spitting on the graves of those who died keeping theirs.

This young veteran said it all...now, we must do the same, and if we're not heard with our voices, our ACTIONS/VOTES will ring loud and clear.  Remind your elected officials who their bosses are, and that there is no such thing as job security in Washington, D.C... just ask Dick Gephardt, or any other so-called "senior statesman" who no longer has a job of representing the constituency! 
Its not a threat when it comes true---telling YOUR elected officials YOU WILL NOT VOTE FOR THEM is not a threat--Just DONT!

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