Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fwd: Tip 177 - Three Steps to Kick Social Anxiety and Become Comfortable Approaching Anyone

This is the number one reason Oil & Gas engineers, accountants, and geeks don't network.

Fear holds them back.

Here is my mentor Keith on the subject.


Tip 177 - Three Steps to Kick Social Anxiety and Become Comfortable Approaching Anyone
Are you letting social anxiety stop you from reaching out to the influential people who could transform your success? Then you'll be interested in today's blog post.

Marcus Buckingham, author and leader of the Strengths Movement, overcame stuttering and social anxiety to become one of the most in-demand speakers and talk show guests on the circuit. To this day, he says he gets "throw-up nervous" before engagements. It doesn't stop him.

As for me, I don't have so much trouble with live stages, but put me in front of a camera and I immediately start to sweat. And even today, there are individuals who I need to talk myself into approaching. That self-talk is part of the three-step process that I share today. I hope it helps you reach out to your next great relationship.



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