Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Fwd: Obama Renews Support for U.S. Public Insurance Plan

Thought you'd like to see what my friend said:

I'll keep this short and sweet (okay, I'll at least TRY)..
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama renewed his support for a government-run health insurance plan on Tuesday after a top aide indicated the White House might be willing to back a healthcare overhaul that did not include the option.
In a statement released while traveling in Russia, Obama strongly endorsed the idea of a public plan and said it was one of the best ways to bring down costs and "force the insurance companies to compete and keep them honest."
Two quick points:  First, isn't there more than one insurance company in the U.S.? Jeff and I have been enrolled in several different ones over the years. I thought they already competed with each other for companies' business?  Maybe, they're FORCED on each other..oh, wait, no, that's the GOVERNMENT PLAN..
Second, not exactly a great way to win votes "..force the insurance companies..keep them honest."  Call me crazy, but don't those same "dishonest" insurance companies employ thousands of American voters and taxpayers? hhmmmm..oh, wait, I forgot, the President made the statement in that bastion of freedom: RUSSIA!!  Of course, Rahm Emmanuel will say he was just trying to "get in" with the proletariats and become one of the "comrades"..
The debate continues, and I'll be fired up and watching..and by the way, if anyone is interested, I have two (2) pretty big announcements about my own fight against healthcare reform. 
First, I have booked a physician-client on the FoxNews Channel Hannity program.  In July 17th Hannity will air a Healthcare Special aimed at debunking the myths the Democrats are trying to pass as truths regarding nationalized healthcare.  Look for Mark Mettauer, MD, aka "the rock star doc" (Hannity's producer coined the phrase..but its sooo true!) on the show.
Second, Dr. Mettauer has written a detailed rebuttal to the Democratic published "An American Solution, Quality Affordable Healthcare"  which gives us the politician's version of "Top 12 Reasons for Healthcare Reform and Nationalization".  The rebuttal takes each point and addresses the ways in which Americans use/access medical care, the reality and failures of socialized medicine in other countries, and how the proposed nationalized plan will affect each American patient. 
The rebuttal is a great document. Its very detailed, and several pages, but addresses each and every one of the "highlights" the Democrats and this President are trying to force us to to swallow.  And trust me, this is one proverbial pill none of us wants to ingest. I'll be happy to forward it to anyone who wants it, just let me know.
Take care, and stay vigilant!

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