Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tsurga-shi, Fukui-Prefecture Fireworks -- Best of Japan

Today my family and I went into Tsuruga to see the fireworks.

I have been to several great and well known fireworks displays, but this by far exceeded my expectations.

We drove into Tsruga.  We found an open parking place miles away from the Matsubara Beach park where the fireworks are best watched from.  We hiked in amongst hundreds of people headed the same way.  In Tokyo, it wouldn't have amazed anyone to walk in such a crowd, but out here people just don't walk much like this so it was a spectacle to behold.  As we got closer, the police had several intersections manned.  Once we got into the park we walked a quarter mile along a tree lined path to the beach park.  As we reached it the lines for the toilets were 30 and 40 deep.  There were people sitting on the ground.  But, we went in to the beach where people had been spreading out table cloths staking claims to the beach for hours and we found slices of beach in between these people and others who had rented chairs.

The fireworks went off without much hitch and we got up to go after a show that my daughter Yumi called amazing.  Now we were filing in behind thousands of people and as we walked along I kept my head up to make sure we didn't go the wrong way, but my daughter who is six looked at the ground and complained about the trash people were just leaving on the ground as we walked.  I didn't believe it at first, but sure enough there it was.  Bags of trash here and there that people just dropped in the middle of the sidewalk or the street.

We made it back to the car just in time for a heavy downpour.  Thank God it didn't rain during the show.  The "millions" as my daughter counted them would have scrambled out of that park in a major panic and who knows how many would have gotten hurt.  Thank God that some jihad terrorist didn't bomb the area either.  Thousands upon thousands could hav been hurt.

All in all it was a great fireworks show.  Next time, I'd like to find out how to get tickets on the cruise ship in the harbor watching the show.  Or, we could watch it from the roads lining the pennensula just around the corner from the beach.  But, it is worth coming back to.  In fact, I told my wife that it was better than the famous PL fireworks show in Tondobayashi, Osaka.

Eric Standlee

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