Sunday, April 20, 2008

Twitter Tricks from CrusaderX Blog

Howdy Readers,

Thought you'd like to know a useful tool I have found for

First, do you  Manually twittering tweets from blackberries or worse from just is so primary school.

There are firefox/flock tools that make reading and writting tweets quicker, but you know us geeks?  We love to do it the quickest and easiest way.

So, why twitter tweets and post on your blog?  Too much duplication of effort, right?

Enter and easier days.

This allows you to automatically send tweet when you post to your favorite blogs.  Now, your twitter is a central feed for all of your feeds.

Make getting all of your posts out to your readers simple.

Happy twittering.

Eric Standlee

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Kurt Green said...

Thanks for this great tip and all of your help Eric. With, I now can see how useful twitter can be.
Be Blessed,
Kurt Green