Wednesday, April 02, 2008

FLOCK browser recommendation

This is going to my blog, a yahoogroup, and a couple of individuals.

I have been using flock and I cannot believe I am saying this but I have been encouraged to twitter an extreme amount lately.

@GuyKawasaki (twitter notation to reply/respond/message someone on Twitter) has been very active about his alltop site and truemors links and I have been adding friends on twitter.

I have been using flock along side firefox and opera as favorite browsers.  Now that I am twittering, I found that the friends feature in FLOCK makes alot of sense.  I can see facebook updates, twitter updates and flickr right now.  I will add as I can.  The twitter feature is helping me stay up on all of the twittering my friends are doing.

I have also found out you can setup gtalk and aim to do twitter too...

Happy twittering,
Eric Standlee

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