Thursday, December 20, 2007

JAXTR invitation emails and process is STUPID allows you to make calls using their service.  However in order to make free call you have to connect with other users, but they make that near to impossible as the invitation email links only work if you haven't got a account yet and there is no way to invite those you know who already have accounts.


Eric Standlee


Stacy said...

Hi Eric - If I understand you correctly, you're saying there is no way to send an invitation to someone you know who is already a jaxtr member. If I got right, this is by design.

Since the friend is already a member, there is no reason to send them an additional invite to join jaxtr. Instead, you'll find them listed under your Friends tab, Friends on jaxtr section. From there, you can click to get a Direct Dial Number for the friend.

Perhaps there's confusion with how other social networking work, where they require friends who know each other to explicitly invite each other to each into the other's network. Since jaxtr doesn't currently provide access to a contact's network and information, we are able to link people who know each other automatically.

Stacy said...

Eric - After going over your comments again, I think I may have initially missed what you were originally indicating.

As you know, jaxtr currently only support a single email address registered to a particular jaxtr account. If an invite is sent to a 2nd email address for a member, there is currently no way to tie the invite back to your actual jaxtr account. The friend can still contact you if you send them your jaxtr ID, or your first email address, but I would agree this is not as strong of a user-experience as sending and accepting an invite.

This is certainly an area we'll look to improve in the future.

Thanks for the comments.

Eric Standlee said...

Stacy, I hope you read this.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love for jaxtr to work, but the way you have it now sucks.

Someone who wants to connect with me uses your invite tool and invites me. I receive the invite email. I click on the link. The page I am taken to only allows me to join. STUPID, I already have an account. I try to use the signin button to accept the connection but no such luck.

And, no, this person isn't already on my friend list.

Listen, if you don't want my constructive criticism which I am might obviously be wasting on you despite my obvious commitment to help you by wasting this time telling you what's wrong, then just tell me you don't take criticism from stupid users and I'll keep warning others not to use jaxtr. Of course, I'd rather tell them to use it as I think the idea could work.

Merry Christmas