Thursday, December 20, 2007

Time to plan for next year if you haven't

How are you going to execute for next year?

What goals are you shooting for?

Where will your businesses be by this time next year?

How many new people will you have met and gotten to know beyond a superficial way by this time next year?

What will your giving and service have looked like by then?

How are you going to tear those larger than anything you can achieve goals down into bite sized pieces to execute on a monthly, weekly, and daily level?

What values, missions, objective and goals should you focus on to stay on-purpose or are you going to finally find out what your God given purpose is so that you can learn to stay on-purpose?

Who are you going to solicit to help you and how are you going to meet them and talk with them about it?

As an accountability step, I recommend that you answer these questions and ask us more questions using the comment feature on this post at our blog.

Eric Standlee

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