Sunday, November 25, 2007

Re: thanks and question from Zadoc

Thanks for that testimony and the question Zadoc.  Please send me a screenshot of what you see there.

You can take a screenshot in windows any number of ways, but the quickest way is to use the "PrtScn" button or the "Print Screen" button on the top right hand side of just about any keyboard.

  1. You go to the screen you want to take a screenshot of, and then you hold down the shift key and press that "PrtScn" or "Print Screen" button once.
  2. Then, you go directly to a new word or open office word processor document and paste the screenshot into the document.
  3. Save that word processor document and send it to me and I will be able to see what you are seeing.

I have a feeling that either you ran out of invites on LinkedIn, limit 3000, or someone slapped your hand one too many times and clicked the "don't know" button in LinkedIn and now LinkedIn has automatically shut down that feature for you.  More than likely you will find that you have thousands of connections and average about 6 new invites a day so you aren't in the least bit slowed down by this.  But, you can ask LinkedIn for forgiveness and they will release this feature one more time to you.  I wouldn't worry about it.  But, it may not be that at all, so send me that screenshot and I will get back with you on what I think it really is.


On Nov 25, 2007 8:34 PM, Zadoc Henry wrote:
Dear bother Eric,
Thank you for showing me how to send out so many invitations, by last names, at the MMC. One person went to my web-site as a result. And I have not only had good interactions to one person about his faith in God, but have sent out about 20 copies of SYG.
However, I am down to about letter P, and seemingly forgot how to get additional invitations sent out. I go to my LINKEDIN site. click on connections, then other contacts. At this point, the pop-up does not allow me to send the invitations. Could you help me here, please?
Have a most fruitful week, brother, in the fullness of the meaning of the word.

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