Friday, November 16, 2007

Business Ideas - Creativity Pool

Ever run out of ideas?

I just found this great marketing idea. Make a difference and advertise. Add to this a website where people could order boxes of t-shirts/jackets/hats/sweat pants with their ads on it and you have a great idea. You heard about it here an you should give credit to and the author if you use it.
Ads on the homelessPrinter Friendly Version
Ads are popping up everywhere these days. Why not advertise on the back of homeless peoples' clothes? They have great exposure, as they're up and about all day, everyday! Everyone wins: the homeless get free clothing and a stipend; advertisers get exposure; your company will get a charitable tax receipt on top of all profits!Apartment advertisers would definitely win!Reward: A chance to get into heaven after kicking all those innocent puppies last Wednesday.

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