Thursday, December 14, 2006

[From Google Reader] Getting Sales Things Done

I just read this on the blog of a new connection from LinkedIn of mine and I just had to share it.

Getting Sales Things Done

Elegant_clock_2 Lori Richardson, the Sales Process Diva, addresses the issue of identifying actions that lead to new sales, new revenues, and that retain existing customers for life.  In fact, she notes that this revolves around time management or personal management, if you will. She writes,

"One of the major issues people in selling (including sales leaders) have is in managing their time. As a former Franklin-Covey facilitator, I spent so many hours talking to people about using their planner, and focusing on what matters most. It was great theory, but the actual steps and process threw people. The planners I gave out in my sessions turned out to be glorified address books and monthly calendars - that's about it. "

She notes that the personal productivity guru David Allen , author of Getting Things Done, gets it. He understands and offers an elegant way to get people universally to take action.

I've said for some time that a PDA is simply a productivity tool. Getting one does not necessarily mean you will suddenly be organized. It's not the device itself, it's how you use it. Only when you understand how to use the tool can it truly increase your productivity.

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