Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Over 3 Million today

Today, my network went over 3 million.  Since the end of June the beginning of July, I have added 909 direct connections in my network and that plays out like this:
You are at the center of your network. Your connections can introduce you to 3,001,600+ professionals — here's how your network breaks down:  
Your Connections
Your trusted friends and colleagues
Two degrees away
Friends of friends; each connected to one of your connections
Three degrees away
Reach these users through a friend and one of their friends
Total users you can contact through an Introduction
Your network also includes 800+ users in your 5 LinkedIn Groups.

I have made a new service for my IT business where I help busy executives and sales managers develop their online pressence through ideas like this and blogs, etc...  There was an article in the recent Forbes that said essentially Google will either crush you or make you.  That is the truth about this as well.  The entrepreneur in me sees the value of this for any and all businesses looking for the strongest kind of new business, referral business.

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