Wednesday, August 23, 2006

LinkedIn: Eric Standlee 865+ (eric at

Here's an update on what LinkedIn has been doing for me.
I went from just over 100 straight through the magical 500 to 865 connections in 1 month. It had taken me a little more than a month to get to 100.
As you can see if you connect with me, I have joined a number of linkedin groups and have started the small but growing LinkedInHouston Yahoo Group at .
I have had such success showing others how to do the same, that I have business owners and executives who see the value of an enormously large network on LinkedIn ask me to do it for them. It is a new business model I am working on to help those too busy or too scared by the size of the project take that step anyway as a new way to generate massive numbers of people inviting you/them to connect and share referrals.

If you'd like to connect with me go to:
LinkedIn: Eric Standlee 865+ (eric at
If you don't have an account you can view my profile at:

I'd also be glad to consult for you to get your large network and get tons of people world-wide referring business and contacts. If lil ole me can do this, imagine what you can do once you have a large network on LinkedIn.

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