Friday, January 13, 2006

Recovering IT PRO's Political Soapbox and 2006 Prediction

I am an IT pro who has seen the ugly side of corporate IT and the impossible side of microbusiness survival. This years predictions come in those same lines.

Here we go:
  1. Gas will reach $4.00 per gallon before the end of Summer not because of real supply worries affecting futures, but soley to line the pocketbooks of oil exects. All of this will come to place despite increase hybrid sales and despite several more hand-slappings by congress.
  2. Micro businesses and SMB as well will benefit from Software as a Service (SAAS) which combines open source solutions in the CRM/ERP/KW and MRM spaces. To this end, if SugarSuite gets its head out of the sand and listens to its VARs, it is set to WIN big.
  3. I have long said that the deception of deceptions as described in passages about the Anti-Christ will be something big like a real UFO or Natural Disaster on the scale large enough to bury our personal rights to privacy and enough to "unite" the world into one world government. I believe we will see this deception plaid out this year as Israel increasingly becomes the center of news and "Peace, Peace" is cried from every rooftop.
  4. The Eliica from Keiyo University in Japan will produce a commercial totally electric car but consumer produciton may not happen until 2007.
  5. Christians from every country and every status level around the world will leave the workplace enmasse due to the sanitization of the workplace.
I hope that none of these come true, but I am going to replace my 2002 Saturn L100SE with a hybrid SUV which will probably be the Toyota Highlander Hybrid.

Be blessed,

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