Tuesday, December 06, 2005

What? Flock?

Listening to one of Radio Leo's latest Extensions - Inside the Net - I learned about www.flock.com which is a new social relational web browser. So, like the bleeding edge guy that I am, I am posting from it right now.

But, that's not it! Today only, (or not) I am running flock on www.codeweavers.com's crossover office professional windows emulation layer on my Mandriva Limited 2005 box. This more than likely is a first for this fledgeling browser.

So, do I recommend it? Not yet. It has many bugs and even the top dogs don't recommend it except to bleeding edgers like me. But, don't worry. I will test it for you and be able to tell you why you too should use flock.

Until then, see you next time here on the same bat channel.

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