Friday, December 30, 2005

Sky High - The Official DVD Website

Sky High - The Official DVD Website
I am so glad that I got this DVD for Christmas.
I know Disney doesn't need any promotion from me, but I find it interesting that the movie industry still goes by box office returns on films like this when families with kids like us hardly every think about going to the movie theaters any more. It is too dangerous, we'd have to be superheros to be impervious to the crime surrounding our local theaters.
The only film we went to as a family this year was Narnia and it was during the middle of the day on a work day so that we didn't have to face the crime.
Why am I glad that we got this DVD? I find it interesting that we didn't even know it was at the theaters. We saw the ads on Disney TV stations and my kids really wanted it. The reason we are glad we got it: my kids have watched it an average of 3 times a day.
Thanks Disney for making a solid movie that didn't challenge our beliefs and our straight sexuality. We are fundamental Christians and it is growing harder and harder to find movies from any studio to say that about especially Disney.

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