Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Prius Update

Toyota Prius

Our Prius has really been a blessing with these rising gas prices.

I wanted to share how we are optimizing our gas mileage and what exactly our mileage is. Your mileage might vary.

In order to get you acquainted with the Prius, you might already know that the Prius has a display in the dash showing you what your real-time mileage is. This keeps us aware of our driving styles and because we are motivated to save as much money as possible.

It turns out that the secret is to get to your cruising speed as soon as possible, then put it into cruise. When you try to get good gas mileage without cruise you end up cramping your foot and it is harder to keep it in electric mode which gets the best mileage for very long. In cruise, you will see 99.9 MPG on your screen as long as the battery isn't very low or the air conditioner isn't on something rediculously low. We keep our a/c around 78.

Our mileage? we are averaging 41-45 MPG, and it appears that our mileage is getting better. We were told that it would as the engine gets broken in, but who believes a salesman.

If you'd like us to refer you to our salesman here in Houston, Texas please drop us a line in the comments or email.

Hi MPG to all.

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