Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Popular Science Magazine beat me to the punch

I recently received the Oct 2005 PopSci magazine in the mail. Yes, I subscribe. Keeps me young.

With all of the hullabaloo about the hurricanes and how we cannot stop them even though we can predict where they are going now, like a typical relational innovator which I am I said to myself there has to be a way to stop hurricanes. Silly? Right, I must be crazy.

But, my idea was to find a bio-degradable substance that is known to cool water and seed the warm Gulf of Mexico waters with it in advance of coming hurricanes. Why? Well, we know that warm waters and warm moist air feed them, so that ought to starve them right?

I did a google and found that there are many different biodegradeable substances already on the market which are said to lower the temperature of water. Eureka!

Then in this latest PopSci on page 42 in the Headline from the future piece Moshe Alamaro predicts that by 2010 barges with jet engines mounted vertically will suck the warm moist air from the Gulf and toss it high into the atmosphere creating rain clouds but also effectively reducing the temperature of the Gulf waters.

Even though Moshe is a mechanical engineer at Harvard-MIT's Health Sciences and Technology, I still think my bio-degradable solution should be more earth friendly. Maybe they could try both.

If you see this idea anywhere else, remember that you saw it here first.

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