Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Get it on the calendar

When I first read a time management guru talk about putting important todos on the calendar, I thought "yeah right."

All I am saying when you get busy enough you'll understand.

Get calls on the calendar. 1on1s. Even exercise.

If you don't try to understand now, trust me you'll find yourself rushing to crash course on this.

I for instance found negotiating appointments excruciating so I started using google calendar which I can get from anywhere while giving important people access to put events there. That needed some help so I have started giving out to those trying to get on my schedule to expedite things.

Now, too if I get an important email I make a google todo from it and give it a due date.

Thank God for technology. I cannot imagine doing this with paper and without a cell phone.

I find I am profficient using these tools to stay busy meeting people. I now realize I need another assistant to help with office tasks like biz card data entry and document creation.

Save that for another post.

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