Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Being Good to People

I recently read this in a Joel Osteen book:

Do you want to get more out of life?  Who doesn't, right? Okay, try this:  get up everyday and rather than trying to be blessed, do everything in your power to be a blessing to someone else. If you will do that for six weeks -- trying to be a blessing to someone every day -- your life will be filled with so many blessing your wont be able to contain them all.
Become a Better You -- Osteen -- Chapter 15

Gang, I had to see this lived out in my life before I believed.  Despite the fact that each and every one of our mothers practically have lived this out in our lives, I needed to see friends like Christine Spray and CEO Netweavers not just believe this, and not just talk about this, but LIVE it.

Then, I was able to buy it and take a step of faith.  It helped that I had come to a point of disgust with status quo and needed something more.

Sometimes a dog asks for scraps from the table and you know it would make them sick or kill them, but they still beg.  Sometimes we beg for what we think is best and in fact we are lead a different direction.  You may be thinking only material blessings or success blessings, but you may in fact receive more blessing than you can contain in the form of relationships, impact, and less material.

The point is, we all should be doing this so that we can turn this generation around.  Too many have their hands out saying, "What can you do for me?" And, if we just lived this principle of giving first servant leadership LOUD enough we'd change the world.  REALLY.

Don't believe me?  I dare you to try it.

Eric Standlee

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