Friday, February 01, 2008

A Thankful Heart

The power of gratitude

The top emotional need is for appreciation.  I learned that in college in Sociology 101 I believe.  It is so true.

How often do you practice this in your business? 

You want more referrals?  Thank your customers.

You want more production?  Thank your employees.

You want more recognition for your company?  Thank the influencers in your life.

One way to thank them is to write a personalized card.

Another way to thank them is to give them something of value.

You will find something you do that is you that will thank the people you know in a special way eventually.  Until you find that, just start thanking them with time-honored ways.  Send them thank you cards.  Introduce them to other business people you meet.

When I start down this trail, I can get overwhelmed with how busy (in a good way) I can get.  It is so powerful to introduce people as a way to say thank you.

I Sincerely desire the best for you Champion.  If I can help grow your referral network and drive your business up, please let me know.

Eric Standlee

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