Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The agenda for tonight's AMM Call

Hi Gang,

Here are some short notes for the call tonight which I will edit with links mentioned and update with new information talked about on the call:

1. Podcasting
  • iTunes - Podcasting
  • download and install free
  • search for topics you like in podcasting and listen to some to get an idea of what podcasting is about
  • Be aware that podcasting is also unrated radio on the internet so some non-christians have very offensive shows.
  • My favorite tech podcast is at and is twit or this week in tech on itunes.
  • Update: I was reminded about another "podcast" that I recommend regularly after the call and that is . It is a great way to get the Bible into your busy schedule.
2. Blogging
  • Recommended for beginners:
  • Recommended for those who want a blog on their domain to optimize and enhance their search engine results: wordpress (disclaimer: my company installs such wordpress blogs for many businesses like AC small business owners)
  • Free personal blogs on many high traffic sites:,,,, and
  • Only put ads in expected places (not in posts/articles) and in expected formats and don't forget to put ads up where you can
3. Social Networking
  • Many social networking sites have high traffic and blogs as well.
  • LinkedIn 2600+ in 400 days = average of 6 new connections PER DAY
  • Doesn't replace face-to-face networking, but is perfect for after-hours when normal networking cannot happen
  • Consider that 5pm Eastern time is still 4pm Central, 3 pm Mountain, and 2pm Pacific, and 11am Hawaii Time
  • So, while you wouldn't go out at 8pm normally to network 8pm Eastern is still just 5pm Pacific and 2pm Hawaiian Time
  • Now consider China, India and Europe are all on different times.
  • Use the normal down time to let your computer network for you but establishing a pressence on these social networking sites and an open door policy for people to connect with you and contact you.
  • Use services like to allow people to "call" you using from your profiles and blogs
  • Always have some link to a lead capture page like for your SYG
  • Never "SELL" AC
  • In fact, I have gotten great response not mentioning AC on my LinkedIn profile and just putting a link in the "thank you" email I send those who connect with me.
  • Updated: Mike Melvin, thank you for sharing your successes with us on MySpace and how you are connecting with and meeting new people. And, thank for being real and sharing how you might be too selective in who you connect with. It is true off-line as well as on-line that you never know who might take you to that next diamond. Just share who you are and be real and optimistically connect with everyone upfront and then block those who cut against your grain. I find that some of the most negative people I meet online end up introducing me to some of the most interesting people.
4. Search Engine Optimization
  • Blog
  • Podcast
  • Profiles everywhere
  • Don't forget Amazon or or or
  • Put your information up anywhere you can for free to dominate the results when someone searches for your name
  • UPDATED: Be careful about the companies offering to put you in the top ten for your keywords or keep trying for a year, as they are like not going to help you. Instead, look for real experts and listen to what they say. It takes some descernment and time, but it never pays to rush into a relationship with an SEO company.
  • UPDATED: Remember that with what you have learned in marketing you know more than 95% of all of the people you run into on a daily basis and you can help them. That is what it is all about.
5. Marketplace Ministry
  • Remember that these are always live people you are talking to from your connections on social networking sites to your readers of your blogs
  • Don't hesitate to ask the tough questions and share Christ
  • Be nosy and ask them all about their lives so that they can share about their most favorite subject
  • Praise when praise is due by using the recommendation features on SN sites like LinkedIn and by referring your connections to other connections.
  • Always ask questions to generate response.
This is a starter list and like I said I will update this after the call with links and stuff.

See you on the call tonight.

If you aren't able to access the AC training calls, consider asking how to get this unbeatable training.

Eric Standlee

PS. Remember that if you don't have enough people to talk with everyday, then wherever you can just ask people "What do you do for a living?" It is the easiest question to help people start a conversation with you and it works on-line and off.

Don't forget to comment on this post with your questions and comments from the call and thank you for letting me share.

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