Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Urgent - Please read and respond before deadline

Take action and pass this on to everyone you know who takes vitamins.


Urgent! This is not a joke or e-mail legend.  If you do not act on this you may never be able to get any nutritional products again unless your doctor prescribes them. And we know two things about that:

Most, but certainly not all doctors, have virtually NO training regarding nutritional supplements.

Once the product comes from a drug company instead of a nutritional company the price skyrockets immediately.

If you have EVER bought anything (natural health product) over the counter, on line, phone, or thru a distributor the FDA is planning to put a stop to this.

Please, Please
respond to the URL listed below & help us stop the FDA-again!

There is a CRISIS in HEALTH FREEDOM!!  On April 30, 2007 the FDA will
close the public comment period on a 'Guidance' which will classify
EVERY alternative practice as medicine so that only licensed physicians
can carry out the procedure AND vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc., will
suddenly become 'untested drugs' which WILL BE FORBIDDEN!

Bad?  Real Bad!  But public outcry can stop this assault on your health
and your freedom.

Spread the word!  Tell everyone in your Circle of Influence,
professionals, alternative practitioners, nutrient and herb companies,
everyone!  Let them know how important their participation is to make
sure the FDA backs off from this repressive course.

Please share this link with them and urge them to take action:

The letter to the government is already written, all you need to do to send it is to go here:


Eric Standlee
713.690.8877 x205

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